Hello Evwyone!

It all started with two professional jump jockeys riding out on wet and cold mornings on the South Downs,
messing about in front of the video camera, Wocket Woy & The Pwoducer, the internet sensation, was born.

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When you lose the keys to the handcuffs! ...

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Made my day thanks guys 不不 x

不不不不不不不不不不不不 What a fantastic way to be woken up on a Saturday morning. Thank you lads you've made my day. XXXX

Fantastic look forward to every Saturday morning

歹My favourite adventure so far

You make my Saturdays every time. Hilarious as ever. Thank you guys!

Lol,lol,lol, loved that you two just made me laugh so much. The nurse was looking at me thinking what the, I'm in hospital, so cheered me up guys, have a good weekend. Xxx

Brilliant 歹歹歹歹歹

I wanted to see you two get back on the horses handcuffed together!!, you have brightened my morning!! X

So entertaining 不x

Saturday morning s at its best 云

Look forward to Saturday mornings, your tried many sports with horses have you considered Harness Racing .would be great to see you two in sulkies .


Have a good weekend

Funny boys! The horses you ride are so well behaved and patient

Have a good weekend!! Bloody brilliant, laughed the whole way through!

Best place for him 歹

Would have loved seeing you both get back on after 'the wee'!!

You guys make my weekend

Nutters as always Thanks guys

So funny you guys

Could be the idea for a new race “The Newmarket Handcuff Handicap” ? 不不

...loving the fwendship bracelet boys 不不不

Wocket woy seems vewy at home in cuffs, I wonder

Good one pwoducer

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Can you do my #wocketbottlecapchallenge? The Pwoducer definitely can't!
#bottlecapchallenge #nocheating


Instagwam: @wocketwoy_pwoducer
Twitter: @wocketwoyteam

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Brilliant I think this should be a challenge for the gymkana riders " Let the games begin"

Bwilliant boys loved this one.xx

Love you guys!!

Funnily brilliant! Best #bottlecapchallenge video I've seen. 不滕

Love this one! Very funny boys x

Thank you, started my Saturday morning off lovely. Have a good weekend歹歹歹歹

You two always help to start the weekend in the perfect way... Thank you for the giggles x

Brilliant !!!

So gutted. Got frozen shoulder and totally unable to do a Wocket Woy. I’ll have to try doing the bottle top challenge doing a half Wocket

What a chuckle ! Gotta love wocket woy !

Absolutly love you guys弘 bwilliant

I love the pwoducers laugh

Love the fact the producer rode in the same height stirrups

Oh, Pwoducer, you little wascal!

You two set me up for the day...so funny x

New spirit - cool

....end of the video, look at the man & dog at the top of the lane ..he stops & stares I guess he’s never seen a Wocket before! Xx

So funny this pair

that’s the best one ever

Nice shot pwoducer!

Horses and motorbikes. Here is the motorbike version so lads get the horse verionmout there youtu.be/KVw11DKfFUU

You two must have a lot of spare time on your hands

不 best one so far 不 laughing out loud!

Well done pwoducer, nice one. What a cheat wocket woy. Nice ending.

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Now Chwis Fwoome is out the Tour de Fwance, i am now hot Favouwite!


Instagwam: @wocketwoy_pwoducer
Twitter: @wocketwoyteam

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Gosh what a lovely ding a ling your bike has, youtu.be/xXJEtUTRI1E

Love the colours xx

Love the outfiy.Very colour co-ordinated不不不

Love the bike!!

So funny. Love the outfit 不不

That horse is gorgeous. 歹氯歹

Loving the leggings!


Fantastically funny. Just the laugh I needed while I'm in hospital, brightend up my morning. 湘

Love it love it from a hot and sunny Bwussels

Love this

Sacha Priest

Love you two

Wery wery funny, love the way the howse just stood in front of you as if to say ‘nutter’ !!!! Have a good weekend!!!! Xx

Omg your so lucky to have such calm horses, I can remember being on a horse and someone coming towards me on a bmx..... It wasn't a good ending.

Love it

Lovin' the Lycra!!! Xx

Cerys Winterbourne

Loonies, love the multi coloured leggings!


Chris Tranter


Nice leggings. Hope you have shved your legs.


Simone Mitchell不不不

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Wocket's Pawasols pwotect you fwom the sun & the wain when out widing!


Instagwam: @wocketwoy_pwoducer
Twitter: @wocketwoyteam

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Lol! I look forward to these videos every weekend

Good job it wasn't windy

Brilliant I love watching and the horses are so good xx

Omg Is the Ray and Sues cob? Literally amazing... what a pony! X

Amazing those horses are so relaxed. Xx

Brilliant! Wish me luck with the yearlings and my parasol!! X

So funny so brilliant love the chilled horses makes the weekend x

Love to see this with a TB! Super pony! Thought you were going to hit the overhead wires though!

Awesome not sure my boy would be so keen

What a bwilliant idea Pwofessional and pwoducer. You're so talented and caring. XXXX

Wow !! What a mega chilled pony - kudos !! Love the pawasol 不不

Absolutely loved it and what an amazing horse not phazed by wocket woys parasol I'd be sitting on the floor if I tried that lol love you guys your so funny 不不不不不不

I see George was quite entertained by you two!

I love these videos. They're hilarious

Thanks for the advice,oh by the way,your racehorse could do with a bit of a haircut不

It was 44 degrees over here in Fwance this week, 2 of mine keeping cool in the pond xxx love your videos

Excellent little horse, especially made for RDA when can we take delivery? X

Brilliant - my pony would be off he he saw that anywhere near him

Where do you find the super horses that put up with your very funny shenanigans? Bless them. 屢屢

I thought my horse had been stolen and become bombproof!!!! Quick glance they look the same

What a gweat idea! I don't think ours would be as accomodating!

I just want a ring tone with your voice wocket, “good mowning evwyone” makes me smile evwytime

So funny, where I live we go by degrees. Today 6am 70 degrees and the humidity 88% . Yesterday you could just stand outside and sweat without moving lol.

Don’t forget your pawosol today friends ! X

Woy Hiya, just wondered, why isnt your normal horse used in this video ? xxx

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Changed the lywics to the song 'Old town woad'
Think we have a Number 1 on our hands, what do you think?


Instagwam: @wocketwoy_pwoducer
Twitter: @wocketwoyteam

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Fabulous,? Now I’m singing it 不不

Brilliant fun. Deffo a charity single

I was literally thinking the other day hoping you guys would cover this skit! Great one!! X

This is amazing best video I have woken up to in ages. Thank you guys x

Love this and you guys

Brilliant. You could have borrowed my 16.2 Waxicobster... Azzbeau!. You should get yourself a band and produce this song for charity. Perhaps Hickstead would promote it at their July meeting next month. Keep writing songs.... fabulous. x云戊戊

Best one yet ! That was brilliant. Someone snap this up for a charity event single

Great defo no 1 歹歹

Love it! Definitely a number 1 hit guys xx 不

Pwoducer makes a handsome cowboy

I actually prefer this version

A hit for sure,great song guys,that's gonna be in my head all day now

Fantastic! Xx love it

Brilliant love it.x

I love this I’d actually buy it!

Brilliant! Love the lyrics, and if you're going to sing about riding a horse, put one in your video! Not one in sight in the original.

Absolutely loved it keep em coming x

Great one today x

Fab well done guys love it better then the wringinal

Brilliant .. copywrite .. fantastic

Fantastic get to to a studio or TV advert go guys go

Absolutely love it!!! Definitely got to be number 1 鳶 x

Catchy! Well done lads, see where you are in the charts Sunday

You brighten up my Saturdays with your antics, I happen to think this could be hit for you as it's better then the original version x

Love this

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