Hello Evwyone!

It all started with two professional jump jockeys riding out on wet and cold mornings
on the South Downs, messing about in front of the video camera, Wocket Woy & The Pwoducer, the internet sensation, was born.

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‼️WIN TICKETS‼️ for our live show Saturday 26th May @ The Albany Theatre.
All you have to do is tag 3 fwiends you would woll in the mud and take with you to see us!😂
Winners announced Wednesday @ 9pm

Get tagging!!


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my thwee would be Mike BrownNatalie CuthillTracey Fuller- we would love to dwive to Coventwy and join you!

Cat Stockton Josie-Ann and I just want to push Marina Bunting in some mud so I guess I will tag you too 😂👍🏻

Sarah H Drake but it should be Sawah H Dwake Ruth Oyston aka Wuth Oyston Rob Neale Wob Neale

Hey Wocket didn’t know you were at my place!!!!!

Lol this is what u said about Beverly Webber!! I tag you Jen Woodhouse and Lisa Mancey xx

Amanda Reilly Beth Tamburrini Saskia Gearing 😂😂 mud bath lady’s x

Love the mud pack effect Kerrie Sullivan Debbie Spencer Samantha-Jane Eli-Jamie Spencer x

Lol, what you like. You do make me laugh. Enjoy your week. Xxx

I know my daughter Lucy Fall would be daft enough to try this. I think I'd have to give Jayne Prestwich and Niki King a good shove first tho 😂😂😂😂

Jane Glass is this what you looked like after bogging the tractor?😂😂😂

Vivienne Everitt-williams Claire Sheppard Main Henry Main but specially Henry Main because we rolled around in the mud with Nobby on his first outing for the Wocket Woy Wacing club at Fontwell

OMG we love these guys 😍😍Lauren Harding, Mandy Arnold Maisie Arnold and Samantha Harding would just love to see these these two hilarious lads we would dwive or get a Twain to see you!!😂😂😂😂😍😍

Jocelle Vroege.. Nog een poging... Let's win this 😂

Oh man! What u doing now!

I know Faye Holdsworth and my husband Jamie would do this with me, would love to see you both live 😜

Mine would be Ami Dines, Alison Starmer and Natalie Calvert. Would love to see you both in coventwy xx

He's sooo cute! Isn't he?!

Just so funny 😂😂😂

See there's only one for me and that's my hubby Barry Clements 😍 wouldn't wanna roll around in mud with anyone else! 🤮🤮 Now pass me the sick bucket 😂😂

Maverick Saunders after x country schooling at ketton!!

Charlotte-Elizabeth Barber Will Stamp Emily Richardson I nominate you three to enjoy the mud challenge 🤣🤣🐴🐾🙏

i cant tag... grr

I would love to take Steve Bradley, Eleasha Bradley and Mandy Lee. Sounds like a great evening!!

My three would be Rachael Mason Paul Ginter Sadler & Andi Rutledge

My thwee fwiends would be Shell Jones Donna Woper and Stephen willis!

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Who better to lead Megan down the aisle than yours twuly! Just need some last minute pwactice. #royalwedding #harryandmegan #iamapwofessional

Don’t forget we are hitting the woad with our special live show!
Click the link for tickets.
Twitter: @WocketWoyTeam
Instagram: wocketwoy_pwoducer


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I love these productions x so make me wwearly smile 😂

Was the veil over George's head to protect his eyes from the brightness of the suit 😂

Emotional... don’t have to watch the real thing now 🤣👍

So funny, seriously no better way to start the day. Megan's made a big mistake not choosing you a true "pwofessional" to walk her down the aisle. Certainly would make it memorable. Top horses too. 😂🤣🐎👰🏽🤵🏼

Love the suit and matching wellies 😂

Those horses are gems.

The only royal wedding I am interested in!!

Watching the guests arriving and looking out for your blue suit! Lmao

Uncanny! How did you manage to copy Megan’s dress for George!? I’m seriously impressed 😜👍

Thanks guys, that’s nailed my Royal Wedding viewing, I’m free to run away to sea now. I was wondering, can ‘Meghan’ and ‘Hawwy’ swim?

*Upsides of the bride* hahaha

Hurrah spared watching the real thing - thanks 😂😂

Bless your horses! They played their parts well 😍

Ps sorry we didn’t stop and talk to you at Badders but my 11year old granddaughter said ‘ .... no, the showjumpings started...’ Sowwy ☹️

Poor poor George , looks like he's loosing the will to live . I'll be surprised he doesn't start feining lameness every Saturday 😂

Gosh, if they haven't asked Wocket Woy to do the honours today, they have missed a trick!

Weally you will end up in the towwah of wondon .....werry nawty

hope you guys dont get sent to the Tower for this one .....x

Lol, lol😅😅, you always give me a laugh, save me watching the realm thing now. Those horses are so good too. Have a great weekend guys. Xxx

Lucy Colman don’t know if Andrea ever showed you this page. He has some good videos 😂

Just love you Guys. Look forward to seeing you on a Saturday morning especially this mornings dress wehursal for the Wedding.xx

Ah dear Megan (aka George) why the long face ? 😂😂😂

My Saturday morning is complete!! 🤣 brilliant!!! Love those horses! Hope Harry and Meghan watch!!

I must say that’s a fabulous clash of colour going on their 😂🙈

This makes my Saturday s b4 I get in the saddle 🙊🙊😀😀😀

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COMPETITION ENDED‼️TICKET GIVEAWAY‼️ all you have to do is tag a fwiend you want to go with & comment #wearthesuit or #dontwearthesuit to win 2x tickets for ‘An Evening With Wocket Woy & The Pwoducer’ on 26th May The Albany Theatre Coventry . Winner announced Friday 18th May 9pm!


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Georgina Higgins is the lucky winner. Look 👀 out as we will be giving away a pair of tickets evewy day next week!

I’m from Coventry and you look Sharpe as Fook in that... you’ll fit right in 😂😂😂😂 I’d take my friend Helen Brittain if we win the tickets... we could paint the town blue after the show and show you the limited nightlife in Coventry 😂😂😂😂

Love the blue suit but you need a yellow shirt & blue tie. Then you would be in U of M color Maze & Blue. It’s a Michigan thing Go Blue lol.

#wearthesuit, I love the matching blue wellies, the tie could be improved though...

Sue Shelton-smith...I am sure you would say SUIT ! hope you win ! Perhaps Margaret would like to have a fun evening out with Wocket 🎉😁🐴

Ian Daniel (cause mums not on here ) Wear the suit !!!! Must wear it with the wellies hat and goggles, it finishes the whole outfit nicely 😂

Suzanne Cullen to take for her birthday 🎂 #wearthesuit definitely wear the suit it’s better to stand out then blend in. Plus you look wery handsome 😉

Please may we win the tickets !!! I'd love to bring my mum to see you live !!! Wear the suit you w- raskel... Pwoducer you too baby!!! Lol

Wear the suit but with a blue shirt, then you'll be little boy or should I say man blue, lol. Xxx

Pick me and my niece Leanne flint. I can't stop telling everyone about video s and hour horses are so well behaved

Awww my daughters fav jockey I can’t tag her she doesn’t have face book as she’s 9 but she watches you at 8am every Saturday wear the suit 🙂

Nice but im Living in Denmark, so can’t win. I like your so must, so must love and fun your send out. Love it 😍

I have my tickets - but please please wear the suit 😉😂

I’d bring my friend Jenny (she’s not on Facebook) I’m sure she’d love to see you #wearthesuit just as much as I would! Looks fabulous! 🙌🏻

True blue through and through! The matching wellies are a fashion must, how come guys haven't done this before?!?!? The Pwoducer definitely needs to get on board with this latest fashion statement, don't you think so MeganPayne?#wearthesuit

Julie Higgins me and my mum love watching! Makes my mornings on a Saturday! #wearthesuit Looking very Pwofessional 😁😘🎉

Camille Phillips don’t you think Matty looks wavishing in his blue suit? This would cheer you up seeing the The Pwoducer again 😂😍

#wearyhesuit. Be fab to win tickets for me and horsey pal Fiona Gillie!!

Amanda Reilly , I wonder if they would autograph in the same place again 😂 ....think it needs to be a pink suit tho ....

Claire S West wear the suit without a doubt! It bwings the colour out in your eyes. You have even matched the wellies that’s planning!

Luke Jason Notarianni Tara Lee Wwooooo hooòo wocking that suit there woy... def news to wear that wocking woy suit LIVE!!! With pink wellies too ...😂 o u little wraskel 🤣 We love ro win the tickets and join u in wearing some crazy suits 🤣

Witt Wooo Looking very Dapper Woy 🤩 I'd love to see the pwoducer and you in matching suits. Danielle 🤣 #wearthesuit

#Wearthesuit blue is definitely you 😬 if you don’t wear the suit you could always wear what you wore on national gardening day 😂 Anne Davis liked that one too 😂 good luck everyone 🤪

Joanna Underwood wear the suit very trendy you pull it off so well ! Bet george would suit a matching one 😀😍😆

Sam #wearthesuit I love the matchy matchy wellies - good colour coordination!

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Its vewy important to spend quality time with your horse if you want a stwong welationship like me!

Don’t forget we are hitting the woad with our special live shows!
Click the link for tickets.
Twitter: @WocketWoyTeam
Instagram: wocketwoy_pwoducer


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Making use of our flooded fields as well 😂🏊🏻‍♀️

Brilliant I'm off to try that with my dogs I think rolling in some dead will show the dogs I'm one of them🤣

Think you need some thicker undercrackers Mattie!

Bare feet and hooves. Makes my toes curl up. I couldn’t watch. 😂

Love the way Ron looks at you then to camera as if to say”what is he like!” 😀

Tonii Jordan & Yzzy Jowett-Reid become one with your horse, get in that pond 😂😂

Whahahaa Jocelle Vroege..voor als t weer geregend heeft! Lekker in de blub met je paardjes...🤣 Gefeliciteerd..fijne dag🎉🎈

Sleepover tonight in the straw bed..... bonding with pony 😂x

Silly bugger 😂 that puddle would have been feckin freezing but bloody funny to watch as always 🤣

Always look forward to Sat mornings, crazy people just love them make me laugh every time

Brilliant as always. Totally makes my day. Top tips straight from the pwofessional. Proving that a bit of mud is key for a strong horse relationship. 😂👍🏼🐎

Oh my lord , wocket woy your totally mad lol xx

.I miss spending time with my horse, out in the field with a sun lounger. Work to much 😢😢😢

Mandy you should do this so you an Taft get a better bond 🙈😂😂😂

Love Saturday mornings! Extra treat today with that gweat ass! 😂

He's never reached pubity I've decided with that voice lol

Carly Martin Add this to your list next to running round with her and eating grass with her 😂😂

Brilliant, love wocket woy xx

Jackie Marsden at first I thought this would be a great way to bond with Harley. Then I realised you'd have to get yourself a turnout rug because of the mud and of course Harley would need to wear his and then of course he'd probably freak cuz he never saw you in a turnout before, then I'd probably get trampled again, he might pull a shoe, you might end up with mud fever (goodness knows where) and the whole plan crumbled before my eyes. Best to leave him as he is, eh?? 😂😂😂😘

Lucii Panteli “spend time bonding with your horse” 😂😂😂 Is this what she meant

Why is it every time I see him I think of u Aaron 😂😘

Where are you doing your other shows? Tried to find in your page but couldn’t see dates/locations. Would love to come and see you live!

My boy already thinks ive lost the plot lmao if i did this he would more than likely join in with me 😂😂😂😂

Katie Wall that’s where we are going wrong but join the ponies in the field and have a good roll 😂🙈

Sam Kerr is this what you’re up too when you’re MIA?😂

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2 weeks ago

Wocket Woy & The Pwoducer

It will be a vewy pwofessional evening!😜👌🏼

Wocket Woy & The Pwoducer
First live show announced! We are hitting the woad and want to meet all you wascals!
Click the link for tickets.
Twitter: @WocketWoyTeam
Instagram: wocketwoy_pwoducer


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Come down to Devon, sure theres loads of us that woukd love to see you.

What about Yorkshire! X

Joyce Britton Bott do you fancy it? 😂

You’d better be including Australia on your tour! 😆

Lucy Paige this is the guy I was telling you about!! Watch his videos x

Ben Moreton wanna take your old mum? x

Are you coming to Lambourn? I know all the wacehorse widers would weally love to see you widing skills.

we need you in Wales, Aberystwyth Arts Centre to be precise! Please please PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But the riding through the country side is what got me hooked! Not too much of a fan of stupid jokes.

Please come south west way xx

See you on the Isle of Wight, so looking forward to it 😄

Kirsteen Smith these guys would be good entertainment for when the time comes...

Don't you mean a vewy pwofessional evening haha

Katy Gross are you going?

Booked tickets for Coventry, can't wait

When are you coming to Lincolnshire. Louise Moody & I will be in the front row 👍👍❤️

I wish you were coming to Cornwall? 😁😁

Oh Hazel I want to go 😫 xx

Saw you in Sussex. Come back soon!!!

North West please ❤❤

So far away......no tour lads...?

I wish. 😘😘

You going Janet Millar? 😁

Alison Edwards you should take Matt he’d love it!! Xx

Naomi Strachan we have to do one of these

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