Hello Evwyone!

It all started with two professional jump jockeys riding out on wet and cold mornings
on the South Downs, messing about in front of the video camera, Wocket Woy & The Pwoducer, the internet sensation, was born.

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Just messing around having a laugh! Can you guess what we're saying?


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What we saying?


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Love you two so much. You make Saturdays. By the way, you both have a beautiful set of gnashers. Have a gweat day to you too. xxxx [I haven't got a clue what you were both saying.] hehehehehe

You two crack me up! You wouldn’t want try this in the summer... you’d be guaranteed to swallow a fly! 🤣🤣

You said - "my hands are cold I need gloves, you've got dribble on your jacket, your going too fast, keep up, did it shut & I can't feel my teeth". Saturdays just simply wouldn't be the same without you two. Fantastic!! Brilliant!! 😬🤤😂😂👍🏼🏇🏼🏇🏼

How cwuel the Pwoducer had cold and and they had gloves. Stop dwibbling you two. I understood you were going to fast you wascals. Saturday is the best ,hope your hands are wawm now pwoducer. Love n hugs .xxxx

Vewy funny guys...... there certainly was plenty of dwibble.... both have lovely teeth. I was thinking that before you mentioned them. Not surprised you couldn't feel your cheeks with that wind blowing. Yep.. the gate did close ans pwoducer.... your hands wouldn't have been so cold if you'd had your own gloves. You are both bonkers.... love you pair though 😂😂

You said what Lynn Baker wrote. You are a pair of nutters but the greatest fun. You always make me laugh out loud and I love your posts. Have a good weekend yourselves.

You guys are just George’s and very entertaining, for as long as your able to ride, keep sending in videos, have a good weekend 👍

You’ve got dribble on your jacket. Dribbling and shutting. Can’t feel your hands or your (lovely) teeth. Wait for me and keep up - how did I do? 😂😂😂 love that game, love 💕 this vid. Well done fellas.

I love Saturdays. You are awsome 😂😂😂

Oh to have a couple of mad friends like this

Not sure what it says about Wocket Woy & The Pwoducer that it was easy to understand them even with the mouthpiece in 😂😂😂😂

Nice teeth boys lol

You wouldn't make it on celebrity juice with that performance! 😬


There was far to much dwibbling going on to understand you pair of nutters 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Got the have a good weekend and the fact your teeth were cold. Did your friend have a gun !!! ? Xx

You look like the girls with snapchat voice changers

😂😂😂😂😂😂 you two make my day ❤️❤️

Tegan Campbell

Sheila Massingham

Amanda-Jane Hodge

😂😂😂. Brilliant !!

Brilliant....lovely teeth 😬


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#behindthescenes #backstage at an evening with Us!
We dwank ‘wibeena’😉and then thought we were posing for a photo!!😂 but we were so wong!

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Aww you were both fab last night !! Aww that sounds naughty lol 😂 luv u both great evening we had xx My favourite guest was Nash ! Fantastic jockey and great sportsman x

It was a great evening - haven’t laughed so much in ages. You deserve medals for trying to keep the second set of guests in order...!

Thank you for being so pwofessional, such a great night. X

Hee hee ...have you seen the Brookby Heights posting of unflappable Kevin? They're crazy like you two, still can t stop laughing.

you guys were great hopefully you will be at more events like this. to anyone who didn't make last night you missed out on such a funny night. was great didn't stop laughing from beginning till the end x

What a pair of gowgeous wemons 😊😊

Brilliant evening .

So wish I could of been there. Sounds like you all had a great night. Two fantastic lads!!

Brilliant evening very entertaining xxx

Loved the dwessage on the Hobby Horse.

Did or have you set the tone for the evening??? 🤔

Plonkas. LOL. Type of thing i do daily.

Have you boys had mummy wibeena?

wibeeena !!!!!....I doubt that

You were both fabulous! We loved it and won a pwize! Glynis Pedler Helen Richards Lee Reid🤗🤗🤗

Love you guys😂

Absolutely brilliant evening!!

you little wascals!!

You pair of numpties 🤣🤣

I do love you two ❤❤

Love you guys. 👍

Gutted I wasn’t there

Muppets 😂

Nothing. Changes.....

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Tag someone who can make
Pancakes like this.
Since Pancake day we can't stop making them. So here's how to make the Wocket/Pwoducer pancake! Gordon Wamsay eat your heart out. 🍳🍋🥛


Instagwam: @wocketwoy_official
Twitter: @wocketwoyteam



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Great way to start Saturday morning with a laugh 😆. Try a little peanut butter on that pancake roll lol.

Brilliant xx

Well wocket and pwoducer....i think I'll give your pancakes a miss this time wound. Plenty of lemon... but no butter or sugar to be seen! Have a gweat weekend🥞🍋🍚 x

So funny, pancakes Wocket Woy style. And the lemon trick, brilliant. You two are just the best, brightening up Saturdays like no one else. 😂🥞🍋

You two cwack me up , bwilliant yet again , what's happened to Nobby these days ? , I loved Nobby he was my favourite boy , not that George is adorable too and all the other babies that star but just miss Nobby 😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭

Thank you enjoyed this one show the horses as well like seeing the horses we love the horses have any more animals like Pet dogs

Wow lemon twick was great, Pwoducer loved it. Pancake flip amazing. Love you guys.xxxxxx

Hope you got pancakes made for you Amanda Stuart x

Saturday morning fix ! You guys make my day ha ha I bet Gordon Wansys shaking in his boots ! ( not )

Michelle Brown Mandy Cannon xxx

I love my Saturday morning fix,bwilliant & best comedy ever 😊😊

Bwilliant. Love the lemon twick and the horses who just look away! 😂

Marvellous !! Love the lemon twick nice one guys luv you xx

Love these two, so funny, have a good weekend. Xxx

🤣🤣🤣 xx Thanx Vic x

Nicola Hawker Dawn Hawker. The end with the lemon will make you laugh so much. 😂😂

Hahahahaaaaaa let’s try the lemon trick!!! Xxxx

Cwack me up every Saturday 😂😂


Stephen Craven pannkakor! 😃

Love you guys

Andrew Crowther

Mystee Jonker

Alice Guess

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2 weeks ago

Wocket Woy & The Pwoducer

It’s that time of year again ‘The Gwand Hop Gold Cup’ is back! We will be widing in the wace (& will pwobably win it !) Each space hopper is signed by its jockey and placed into a silent auction. All proceeds go to The Injured Jockeys Fund!
To place a bid please email lucy@ijf.org.uk with your name, number and bid! You can also bid at the twack on the day.
Best of luck!

Wocket Woy & The Pwoducer
Space hopper wace in aid of The Injured Jockeys Fund Plumpton Races we are all pwofessionals and in a contwolled arwea

Wocket Woy & The Pwoducer


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I think you need some jumps and a water ditch.

Weally good wace can't Stop laughing .xxxxxx

Hope there's no cheating this year boys! 😂

I'm sure you and the pwoducer would have been first and second if those wascallly wascals hadn't cheated lol 😊😊

Good Luck. Come back winners. 🤞🏼🏅

Gweat bwilliant twiiffic!

Tom Nolan 🤣🤣

Jess Povey

Wendy Barnwell

Lindsay Kane

Sammy Jowers xx

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Tag someone who would date him!
Not even The Undateable's can find him a date but he has a new chat up line that has to work!


Instagwam: @wocketwoy_official
Twitter: @wocketwoyteam

chat up


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Wocket Woy I wld date yea, my mother always said be with a man that makes you laugh XXXXXX

I'd go out with....George!!❤️️

The telephone line was blocked because the dating agency was inundated with calls for you Mattie!!!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 - No sorry the calls were for George 😂😂😂😂😂😂

My Daughter loves you Mattie Batch, lol, as we all do. There you go, date sorted, Have a gweat weekend Mattie. You make us all smile on a Saturday x

Very funny, love George he is so good. Hope you find your love 💕 before Wednesday Mattie. Take care, Have a Good Weekend!! Xx 😘

Can you Wun a horse behavioral clinic in The U.S preferably Connecticut. I'll buy you lunch and fix you up with a date!!!

Keep looking better to stick to horses less hassle lol x

Blooming heck... that wasn't supposed to happen..... what I said was.....Mattie, I'll go out with you next Wednesday........ I'm not fussy either........😉😂😂😂 Have a gweat weekend. X

George has the wight idea,handsome ,stwong and silent. Lose the boots ,be like Elvis try blue suede shoes.Lol Huge hugs to you all plus xxxxxxxxs for the 14th

Hilarious!! I think it must be they realise that you're too good for them. I mean what more could a girl want, you've got it all. 😂😂🏇🏼

That brightens up a wet dull Saturday 😂😂😂

Ive given up . turns out that I am unlovable and undateable.

Could George give me some tips too

George is such a star 🌟

Oh George is so lovely ❤️

Roseanne Dennehy Whelan would i have a chance do you think?? Could go all out and borrow your nice wellys for the date. Mine are a bit worse for wear 😂😂

Sharon Dobson this is what I was on about xx

Nicola Evans 😂😂😂

Nicola Hawker Dawn Hawker

Alice Guess

Elke Bargas

Amanda-Jane Hodge

Chanice Davies

Bwill as per x

😂.... George loves ya ❤️❤️❤️

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